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Baggage as a Cargo Shipment


Czech Airlines Cargo offers you the transport of an unlimited baggage. There is no weight limit and the size may also exceed the standard free baggage allowance size for favourable prices.

Take advantage of our cargo services and have your baggage carried safely as cargo (i.e., as a shipment between your departure and destination cargo terminals or another destination you choose) according to the following terms and conditions:

In case your origin destination is Prague:

Please, contact any of our forwarding agents a few days before your scheduled departure date. The forwarding agent will provide a complete shipment handling service, including issuing the necessary documents, reservation of space, price and advice. If your final destination is a non-EU country, they will also instruct you regarding the customs formalities, or may arrange for them, if you wish so.
You deliver your shipment to the forwarding agent on the departure day at the latest, several hours before the scheduled departure (as agreed with the forwarding agent). The agent will prepare it for handling. Upon arrival at your destination, the baggage will be delivered to the local handling agent cargo warehouse and prepared for collection. The forwarding agent will also inform you about the time and place of your baggage delivery.

In case of foreign destination:

For detailed information please kindly contact Czech Airlines Cargo local general sales agent.

  • Your baggage must not contain any dangerous goods according to the classification of applicable regulations. This means, especially: explosives (ammunition, fireworks, fuses, avalanche rescue backpack, smoke and distress signals and flares, airbags); compressed and liquefied gases (compressed gas bottles, camping stoves, aerosols, life jackets, mini CO2 bottles, liquefied nitrogen); flammable liquids and solids (matches, lighters, charcoal, fuels, solid alcohol, alcohol over 24% of volume, paints, varnishes, adhesives, solvents, polishes); oxidizers and corrosives (bleaches, fertilizers, wet batteries, batteries and fuel cells, mercury in barometers and thermometers); toxic substances (pesticides, insecticides); infectious substances (diagnostic specimens, medical waste); radioactive material; dry ice; magnetized material; instruments and engines; heat producing articles (soldering equipment, underwater torches-diving lamps), apparatuses charged with lithium or lithium-ion batteries (cameras, laptops, cell phones).
  • The baggage must not contain any strong-smelling substances and articles.
  • The baggage shall be secured against opening, undamaged and its conditions allowing for safe carriage.
  • If you enter your AWB (airway bill) number, which you receive from the forwarding agent, you will be able to track your baggage to the final destination through our website application.




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