Carriage of Standard Baggage

Fly Smarter – Save on Your Baggage

Czech Airlines guarantee you minimum of 23kg checked-in baggage + 8kg cabin baggage for FREE.  

Carriage of your baggage is free of charge, provided it meets the weight and size limits. Inform yourself about these limits and the conditions of carriage.

Checked Baggage

  • An adult passenger may carry checked baggage complying with the following conditions:
    Business ClassEconomy ClassEconomy Flex
    Within Europe/Asia and the Middle East2 pieces
    max 32 kg/158 cm each
    1 piece
    max 23 kg/158 cm
    1 piece
    max 32 kg/158 cm
  • On flights operated by Czech Airlines, OK PLUS Silver, Gold or Platinum Card holders and SKYTEAM ELITE or ELITE PLUS holders are entitled to a free extra piece of checked baggage, where the sum of all three dimensions of which must not exceed 158 cm (62 in) and the weight of which must not exceed 23 kg (50 lbs).

If you are travelling with in infant (a child aged up to 2 years, not entitled to his/her own seat), you are entitled to check a bag for him/her weighing up to 10kg (22 lb), with total maximum dimensions adding of up to 115cm (45 in), and a folded pram. A child aged 2 to 12 years (entitled to his/her own seat) is entitled to check baggage within the same allowance as an adult passenger.

On flights operated Czech Airlines, the maximum weight per piece of checked baggage must not exceed 32 kg (70 lbs.), due to technical reasons.  Exceptions applywith respect to a passenger’s wheelchair, animals, musical instruments, TV cameras, and sports equipment that cannot be divided among several pieces.

In your checked baggage, you may not carry money, cheques, credit cards, securities or other valuables, commercial or other personal documents, passports or other personal identification documents, keys, mobile telephones, spectacles and sunglasses, jewellery and articles made of precious metals, cameras, video-cameras or other electronic devices (including personal computers, laptops, and data CDs with databases), works of art or fragile items.

Hand (Cabin) Baggage

You are entitled to take following hand baggage on board of the aircraft free of charge:

Business Class

  • (maximum  length of 55 cm (22 in), maximum width of 45 cm (18 in)  and maximum depth of 25 cm (10 in)including handle, side pockets and wheels)
  • Second small hand baggage (maximum length of 40 cm (16 in), maximum width of 30 cm (12 in)  and maximum depth of 20 cm (8 in), including handles and side pockets, e.g. a purse, brief case, or laptop case)

The total weight of cabin and second small hand baggage must not exceed 12 kg (26 lb).
In most cases, you will be required to store your hand baggage under the seat in front of you.

Economy Class

  • (maximum  length of 55 cm (22 in), maximum width of 45 cm (18 in)  and maximum depth of 25 cm (10 in)including handle, side pockets and wheels)

All other items must be stored inside the cabin baggage.
Oversized or overweight cabin baggage cannot be carried on board due to safety reasons. A 60 EUR fee will be charged for such baggage.

     Business ClassEconomy ClassEconomy Flex
    Carry-on Baggage on All Flights2 items max 12 kg1 item max 8 kg1 item max 12 kg

    Please check the section Carriage of Excess/Bulky Baggage to find information about excess baggage.