27. 03. 2014 - Czech Airlines to Relax Rules for Using Small Mobile Electronic Devices aboard its Flights this Summer Season

Prague, 27 March 2014

Effective this summer season, Czech Airlines will relax the rules for using small mobile electronic devices aboard its flights. From Sunday, 30 March, passengers will be able to use all small electronic devices, which can be safely held in hand or stored in a seat pocket, during take-offs, landings and taxiing, provided the devices are switched to the “Airplane/Flight Safe” mode.

All small electronic devices, such as mobile phones and smart phones, tablets, E-readers, etc., which can be safely held in hand or stored in a seat pocket, are now exempted from the ban on using electronic devices during taxi, take-off and landing aboard Czech Airlines’ flights. Accessories to these devices, e.g. headphones, must not obstruct the isles and should not be used during safety demonstrations before take-off. After the aircraft door is shut, all electronic devices must be switched to the “Airplane” or “Flight Safe” mode. Older devices and devices transmitting and accepting electronic signals, which are not equipped with the active “Airplane” or “Flight Safe” mode, must remain switched off for the entire duration of the flight.

Devices not transmitting or accepting electronic signals (e.g. games, audio or DVD players, cameras and filming devices, etc.), which can be safely held in hand, may be used by passengers for the entire duration of the flight, i.e. including taxi, take-off and landing.

The existing rules remain in place for laptops. Laptops may be used aboard an aircraft until the aircraft door is shut. After the door is shut, these devices must be switched off and safely stored in the overhead compartments or under the seat. Their use is permitted during the flight (during the phase following the take-off completion and preceding the approach initiation), provided the Airplane” or “Flight Safe” mode is enabled and/or WiFi switched-off.

Passengers seated in emergency exit rows may not use any electronic devices during taxi, take-off and landing for security reasons.

“By relaxing the rules of using electronic devices aboard its flights, Czech Airlines reacts to the changes announced by EASA – the European Aviation Safety Agency towards the end of last year. Czech Airlines pursues a pro client approach in this area and relaxes the maximum number of rules and regulations in place to provide its passengers with the utmost comfort. However, passenger safety remains the carrier’s utmost priority. In terms of scope, the new rules of using electronic devices, recently introduced by Czech Airlines, are on par with the standards gradually introduced by other air carriers in Europe,” adds Martin Štolba, Czech Airlines Executive Director of Operations.

Daniel Šabík
Czech Airlines Spokesperson