18.3.2014 - Czech Airlines’ Flights to/from St. Petersburg Will Be Handled at New Terminal 1

Effective Thursday, 20 March 2014, all Czech Airlines’ flights heading to or departing from St. Petersburg will be handled exclusively at the New Terminal 1 of the Pulkovo airport. The carrier moves to the new modern premises from the Terminal 2, which has been used for servicing air transport since the 1950s. This terminal change is linked with a gradual reduction of operations at the old facility. Alongside Czech Airlines, a number of air carriers are moving to the New Terminal 1.

A major advantage of the New Terminal 1 is its ability to handle both domestic and international flights. Passengers continuing their onwards journey from St. Petersburg on a local flight will thus no longer have to travel between two terminals. Together with Czech Airlines’ operations, the company’s office also moves to the New Terminal 1 of the Pulkovo airport. Thus, alongside check-in, all Czech Airlines’ services our clients and customers were used to receive at the original place of handling will be available at the new location.

The old terminal Pulkovo 2 and the New Terminal 1 are about five to six km apart, connected by shuttle micro busses on a regular basis. Taxi services are available as well. The New Terminal 1 is connected with the heart of St. Petersburg by bus No. 39, taking passengers to Moskovskaya Metro Station. An alternative way of transport to the city centre is provided by taxis. 

18.3.2014 - Czech Airlines Introduces New One-way Tickets Preferential Policy on Selected Flights

 Czech Airlines is launching a new preferential tariff policy on selected flights, allowing passengers to purchase one-way tickets at better rates than before. One-way tickets on these selected flights will now be priced at about halfof the return ticket’sface value. Passengers will be able to purchase the preferential one-way tickets for all booking and travel classes – from Promo to Business.

The first Czech Airlines’ flight with the new one-way ticket preferential policy was Tel Aviv. The same pricing policy will be applied by the carrier in steps on flights to Barcelona, Berlin, Bratislava, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Košice, Madrid, Milano, Nice, Rome, Stockholmand Zurich.

Introducing this policy, Czech Airlines reacts to the developmental trends and tendencies of the individual markets andpassengers’ calls for new products as well as steps taken by other air carriers. This innovation was designed for passengers who combine multiple unlinked travel segments and types of transport or do not know their precise return date. This policy will allow them to better plan their individual travel segments, combining departures from different airports, without certain limitations applied and/or compliance with the mandatory number of nights in their final destination.

The introduction of this new concept of preferential one-way tickets does not impact passengers using the Czech Airlines’ standard product, i.e. a return ticket to a destination operated by Czech Airlines, in any way.

13.3.2014 - Last Czech Airlines’ Aircraft in New Colours

Last weekend, Czech Airlines’ fleet experienced yet another, this time virtually symbolic, unification. All company aircraft, servicing its regular scheduled flights are no longer in the old livery (a design with the “flag” motif), but featurethe Czech Airlines’current visual image (the “guitar pick”). Two ATR72 aircraft (OK-GFR and OK-YFT) remain in the colours of the SkyTeam Alliance and one A320 aircraft (OK-MEI) continues to carry the visual image of Prague Airport: “Prague Loves You”. The final aircraft in the old colours, an Airbus A319 OK-MEL, flew to the south English city of Bournemouth on 20 February to have its paint changed at the Airbourne Colours company hangars to feature the current Czech Airlines’livery.The entire job was performed in 10 days and the aircraft with the OK-MEL matriculation landed at Václav Havel Airport Prague on Saturday, 1 March, shortly after 6 p.m. Already the following day, on 2 March 2014, it serviced its first flight in the new colours on the company’s route to Kyiv.

The OK-MEL aircraft was produced on 5 April 2007 and the old livery was its original paint received at the Airbus production line. In general, aircraft paint warranty is provided for six years at a minimum, and eight years at a maximum. It is also interesting to note that the OK-MEL aircraft was the one-hundredth aircraft to have received its new paint in the Airbourne Colour company hangars at the Bournemouth airport. 

5.3.2014 - Czech Airlines to Temporarily Disrupt Ticket Sales for its Odessa Route

As a result of the continued socio-political Crimean crisis, Czech Airlines has decided to temporarily discontinue the sales of tickets for its regular service between Prague and Odessa as of today and not to launch operations of this seasonal destination in the up-coming summer timetable. Czech Airlines thus reacts to the booking tendencyon flights to Odessa that has reached its historical minimum due to the recent events in the area. Should the currently unstable situation in the Crimean region improve, Czech Airlines is ready to consider re-launchingof its flights to Odessa in the future.

Czech Airlines will provide passengers with purchased and unused tickets to Odessa full refund or the option to change their ticket for an OK-coded ticketon the Prague – Kyiv route.

18. 02. 2014 - Czech Airlines to offer a stable schedule during the 2014 summer season, with more connections to Asia and new services to the Mediterranean


Czech Airlines is to strengthen its regular connection to Seoul during the upcoming summer season and, thanks to the on-going co-operation with Korean Air, add 18 new destinations in Asia and the Pacific region to its schedule, e.g. Honolulu in Hawaii, Nadi in Fiji, Auckland, Phnompenh and others. The company’s offer in Europe will not lack behind. 25 new destinations in the Mediterranean will be added to its schedule, offered on a code-share basis with Travel Service, e.g. Cagliari, Ibiza, Malaga, Seville, Valencia, Kos, Rhodes, Larnaca and others. Upon completion of its restructuring process, Czech Airlines will offer a stable and reliable product, without the need for last-minute changes. Together with its partners, Czech Airlines will offer connections to 126 destinations in 50 countries. The summer timetable comes into effect on 30 March and terminates on 25 October 2014. You can find more details in the company’s press release at this link

13. 02. 2014 - A small surprise on St. Valentine´s Day


A small surprise will await all Business Class and Coach passengers travelling aboard Czech Airlines flights tomorrow, on St. Valentine’s Day. Every passenger will receive a flower-shaped box of Milka chocolates.

06. 02. 2014 - Time Restriction Terminated – Tickets may now be purchased via Czech Airlines’ website right before departure


If a traveller decides to start arranging their travels last minute and needs to depart on the same day or even immediately, it is usually a problem to get an airline ticket confirmation. Effective today, Czech Airlines lifts the original time restriction preventing airline tickets purchases via the company’s website within 24 hours from the planned departure (with some destinations even within days from the planned departure). It is now possible to purchase tickets last minute on:, or, up to three hours prior to departure. At that point, the sales portal for the given flight is closed. Sales may be terminated even earlier if there are no seats left on the given flight. Last minute sales are conditioned by online payment via credit or debit card with authorisation for internet transactions.   

29. 01. 2014 - Liquids and Gels Transport Regulations at EU Airports to be Eased


Starting from Friday, 31 January 2014, all EU airports change their security screening process of liquids, aerosols and gels transported in cabin baggage aboard aircraft.
In line with the introduced change, transported baby formula, liquid or gel baby food and medicine in excess of 100 ml will be checked via special scanners without exception. It will no longer be necessary to open and taste transported baby food upon security screening.


The same system will apply to transported liquids and cosmetics in excess of 100 ml, purchased at duty free stores at airports. In line with the change, any duty free goods purchased at airports outside the EU will now be checked via these special scanners too. Until now, such goods were repossessed from travellers transferring at airports inside the Schengen Area upon security screening.


Gels and beverages, e.g. popular gifts of exclusive wines and alcoholic beverages, must be sealed at the time of purchase with the receipt showing the code of the airport of purchase placed inside a security tamper-evident bag. These bags, containing beverages, aerosols, gels, etc., will then be checked via special scanners upon transfer at Václav Havel Airport Prague. The amended regulations will be appreciated especially by passengers transferring in Prague from flights outside the Schengen Area or European Union.